Best Eyebrow Tinting Service in Franklin

Eyebrows are one of our most prominent facial features. However, they are often overlooked when it comes to the beauty treatment department. There is the option of brow liner, but what about when you’re looking for something more permanent, less time-consuming, and that you don’t run the risk of smudging throughout the day? A much better way of enhancing or improving how your eyebrows look is to schedule an eyebrow tinting appointment with Skinlogica Spa.

Located conveniently in Franklin, our state-of-the-art, relaxing spa facility is the perfect place to treat yourself or a loved one to a rejuvenating and beautifying eyebrow tinting treatment. Our beauty therapists are skilled, certified and experienced so you can rest assured knowing that when you come to us you will receive the best eyebrow tinting treatment that has to offer. There is no need to suffer in silence with tame or undefined eyebrows. Instead, call the team that provides the best eyebrow tinting service in today and let us take care of everything.

Is Eyebrow Tinting the Right Choice for me?

The answer to this question is very much dependent on your own personal appearance and preference. If you are a woman whose eyebrows are barely visible or are beginning to turn a little grey, then a professional eyebrow tint would most definitely enhance your appearance. What’s more, if you are someone who spends time each morning applying eyeliner or mascara to your eyebrows then the eyebrow tint is also a great option. Not only will it add color and definition to your brows, but it can also greatly reduce your daily preparation time, making life easier.

What to Expect from an Eyebrow Tinting Treatment from us

Once you schedule an eyebrow tinting treatment from us you can expect a luxurious experience. Upon arrival, our certified and professionally trained esthetician will protect your eyes with a specially designed patch before applying a petroleum-based jelly to the area directly around your eyebrows to prevent the dye from spreading where you don’t want it. From there, she will use a cotton-based applicator to apply the dye solution (with the color of your choice) to your eyebrows. Once the dye has dried sufficiently, our esthetician will wash away any excess dye with a soapy lather and warm water. In general, the entire process takes less than thirty minutes.

Good to Know

If you wear contact lenses, then you will have to remove them for the duration of the treatment as well as for a number of hours after that. In addition, we will also first apply some dye to a patch of your inner arm to guarantee that it doesn’t react negatively with your body in the form of a rash or inflammation. This is a purely precautionary measure, but we always believe in putting your safety first.