Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis, owner of Skinlogica Spa, has been an Esthetician for eighteen years. With formal training in Bournemouth, England as a complementary therapist, her education centered on skin care, body work, make up application and nutrition. Upon arriving in Chicago, Susan worked for leading surgical groups in the field of medical Esthetics operating and treating skin with laser corrective therapy, developed her experience in body contouring, and educated hundreds in Microdermabrasion techniques as a sales representative for a leading skin care company. Susan worked for East Bank Club for 3 years as an educator and Esthetician while starting Skinlogica Spa. Susan brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to her clients along with a passion to deliver what she feels are some of the best and most effective services on the market today. In her free time Susan cares for her family in Avon CT. She also is involved in the fight against sex trafficking locally in New England.

Susan is fluent in Spanish.